How To Build Your Self-confidence. Written in Namibia, By a Namibian.

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Who is Justina Shatonhoka?

My name is Justina Shatonhoka. I won’t claim success as the reason for my expertise. I will claim a bunch of failures as the reason for qualifying enough to tell you what I discovered, which is what the rich and successful are hiding. Self-confidence is not just a sense of surety and faith in one’s self, it’s the ability to recognize the lies you tell yourself, lies that create a false sense of worthlessness when in fact you are worthy, or a sense of valuelessness when in fact you have value. My passion is to spread the word of hope in a human being’s ability to have worth and value whether it’s visible or not, because the fact is, everyone has value, but not everyone sees it. Therefore, my hope for everyone is to open up their minds and see themselves as they really are, which is perfect in God’s eyes, to see life as it really is, which is possible in every way, to see failures as they really are, which is strengths in embryonic stage, to see hardships as they really are, which is opportunity in disguise. Whatever it is that life throws at you, you have what it takes to thrive through it all and emerge victorious. That is more or less what my book offers you, a chance to see yourself from a different angle.

In this book you will learn:

  • The importance of self-awareness
  • The importance of self-acceptance.
  • Self-confidence boosters.
  • Self-confidence depressor.
  • Dealing with negative people.
  • Avoiding the tumor twins: compete and compare.
  • Embracing failure so it can sharpen you.
  • Using self-confidence to thrive through challenges.
  • Using self-confidence to gain self-respect and the respect of your peers.
  • …and so much more.

So don’t delay your progress. Get your copy of ”How to build your self-confidence: The ultimate guided journey”.

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